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The ART of authenticating a work of art
The speech "The Art of authenticating a work of art. Research protocols" was delivered by José Pedro Venzal at the VIII International Congress of the International Society of Experts in Documents, at the University of Cuenca (Ecuador) from 29th until 31st October 2014.
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José P. Venzal, Belén Camejo, Roberto Moreno and Francisco Elías at the congress.


Mr. Venzal discussed the excessive interference of the art market in the authentication processes,

leading to an enormous burden of subjectivity about the authenticity of a work.​

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Addressed to researchers and art lovers, José Venzal explained the different steps to take in order to know

all the physicochemical details of the work and materials, as well as the research guidelines aimed at dating

and identifying the artist.


Although there are many difficulties, in most cases a thorough research protocol helps to know

many details that are normally decisive for the attribution of a work to anartist.

 Some topics discussed:

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José P. Venzal and Francisco Elías (President of SIPDO)