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When Mr. Venzal told me he had a section on this website for laboratory news and updates, the title of the section was easy: "News". When asked what news should be included, he replied: What do you prefer? Good or very good news? Brushing aside my momentary doubt, I replied that the very good news first, of course. But the doubt niggled away, and I asked what the good news would be.
"The good news is everything we have learned from the mistakes made by lacking methodology in the application of cutting-edge techniques in our profession, by lacking adequate technical means, by not realising from the outset the importance of ongoing training, by not devoting more time to research, and so on. In short, everything that now forms part of the principles of the laboratory, and which we must nurture and convey".
If you agree, I said, let's begin by including news about our achievements, positive comments, professional recognition, to which he replied: "What you want to write about is what my grandma says"

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