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Two new works by Dali

Several months of analysis and research have allowed us to prove the originality of these two pieces.

The two works show the historical and multifaceted value of Dalí.
Self Portrait screaming Dalí

An original 100 x 71 cm ink the artist prepared for brand advertising French chocolates "Chocolates Lanvin" which was published in 1968 and which still can be seen on You Tube.
Dalí, gen ius, not just screaming with her mouth. All the work yells, his mustache and hair screaming. His thoughts scream. As good be the chocolate ...
50. Certificar pintura. Expert painting Dali.jpg
Equestrian Portrait of Carmen Martínez Bordiu


This small piece of 21 x 26.5 cm. is an original watercolor and ink pen strokes. Preparatory Work of oil delivered to General Franco as a wedding gift from her granddaughter. 

The Duke of Cádiz asked this gift to Franco: an equestrian portrait of his future wife.

In both works, the analysis of firms has been crucial, especially in the equestrian portrait.